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Buy Crystal Palmstones Australia

Fill your home and sacred space with beautiful stones! Our crystal palmstones are perfect for carrying around with you or using in rituals, spell work or meditation. They can help to provide calming energy and bring positive vibes into your life.

Unlock the Power of Palmstones

Welcome to The Witchy Nook, your go-to place for crystals and energy-healing tools. We’re here to help you unlock the power of divine healing with our selection of crystal palmstones from all over Australia.


Our crystal collection features a wide variety of quality crystals from different parts of Australia – each chosen for its unique properties and energies, which are perfect for the modern-day witch or spiritualist. From pink quartz to agate, citrine and rose quartz, there is something special in store for everyone! Whether it's protection, money drawing or peace offering - we have handpicked stones just for you.


The powerful vibrations of these palmstones can be used in many ways; as meditative tools, for healing, to help clear and cleanse the energy of a space, or as a way to manifest your intentions. We suggest using them in combination with other crystals such as selenite wands or Sage sticks to amplify their effects.


The Witchy Nook is proud to offer quality palmstones at an affordable price so that you can enjoy the power of crystal healing without breaking the bank! Check out our shop today and unlock the power of divine energy with one of our beautiful palmstones.

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