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Our magical Spell Totems are handmade and made to order. Turn around is 7-10 days.

Each totem is individually made and unique. No 2 will be the same therefore, photos are for reference only.

Each Totem is infused with carefully chosen crystals, herbs, and charms that fit with your selected intent.

These can be sat on a window sill for the best effect. They are created with plant based resin and, therefore, safe for all ages.

Place in the sun to get full benefits. When the warmth hits the resin, it will emit the scent from the enclosed florals for a cleansing effect on your space.

Red - Fertility

Orange - Healing

Yellow - Abundance

Green - Luck

Blue - Focus

Purple - Sleep/Stress and Anxiety

Pink - Love/ Friendship

Black - Protection

Handmade Spell Totems

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