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The Witchy Nook 101

"Introduction to Witchcraft"

Join us for a fun afternoon of magic and mischief, where we dive into the enchanting world of Witchcraft.

Whether you are just starting out or wanting to brush up on your knowledge, this workshop will cover the basics. From the history of witchcraft to crystal healing, herbs, divination, candle magic, and more.

We look forward to spending the afternoon showing you some basic spells and rituals while you get the opportunity to try out a range of tools we sell!

Get ready to stir up some trouble and unlock the secrets of the craft!

Dust off your broomsticks and join us for a spellbinding adventure that's sure to leave you cackling with delight!


- 1.5-2hr workshop

- Information booklet

- Witches goodie bag full of supplies to take home

- Guaranteed good vibes


Date: Friday 12th April

Time: 6:30

Cost: $60

Location: The Witchy Nook (Colonial Arcade PMQ)

Intro To Witchcraft - Friday 12th April 6:30pm

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