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Besoms, also known as witches' brooms, hold a sacred place in witchcraft practices for their symbolic and practical significance. In a witch's practice, besoms are used for various purposes, including ritual cleansing, purification, and protection of sacred spaces. By sweeping a besom around a space in a specific pattern, negative energies are believed to be banished, making way for positive energies to flow freely. Besoms are also used in rituals to mark the boundaries of a sacred circle and to symbolize the act of sweeping away negativity and obstacles to create a clear and sacred space for magical workings. In addition to their practical uses, besoms hold symbolic meaning in witchcraft, representing the union of the masculine (the handle) and the feminine (the bristles), as well as the connection to the element of air. Incorporate besoms into your witchcraft practice to cleanse your space, create sacred boundaries, and amplify the energies of protection, purification, and magic in your rituals and ceremonies.

Witches Bessom Varieties

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