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Buy Crystal Hearts Australia

Love is in the air with our selection of crystal hearts! From rose quartz to jade and many more, these beautiful crystals are perfect for gifting to a loved one or keeping close as a reminder of self-love.

Love & Light with Crystal Hearts

Let the power of love and light fill your home with beautiful crystal hearts. With their spiritual and energetic qualities, each one of our range of crystal hearts can help to balance and harmonise your home, while allowing positive energy to flow freely. Our collection of crystal hearts have been carefully chosen for their quality and beauty, with a range available to suit any style. Whether you’re looking for a classic rose quartz heart or something more exotic, like an amethyst heart, we have just the right one for you.


The healing properties and powers of each crystal are unique and special - the perfect addition to any spiritual journey. Each crystal heart is accompanied by detailed information so that you can choose the right one for your needs. For extra protection and emotional support, why not try carrying a small pocket-sized crystal heart with you? The Witchy Nook also has a range of crystal hearts that can be carried in your pocket or on your keyring as a reminder of the love and light within you.


The Witchy Nook is Australia’s go-to place for beautiful, quality crystals. Shop with us today and open yourself up to the magical power of crystal hearts!

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