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Buy Crystal Kits Australia

Get ready to manifest your desires with our spell kits and crystal kits. From prosperity to healing, they are filled with magical ingredients and carefully chosen crystals that will help you bring your intentions to life. Start creating the future you want today!

Enliven Your Spiritual Practice

The Witchy Nook has curated some of Australia's most powerful crystals and spell kits to help you enliven your spiritual practice. Whether you are a beginner looking for an introduction to the craft or a more experienced practitioner seeking powerful tools, The Witchy Nook has something for everyone. Even the most experienced of spellcasters can benefit from our selection of crystal kits and spell kits.


Our crystal kits come with everything you need to start working with healing energy and manifesting your desires: from quartz clusters perfect for amplifying your intentions, to selenite wands to cleanse negative energy and create sacred space. We also offer spell kits that contain all the necessary ingredients - including instructions - so that you can easily perform rituals at home without having to spend time researching what herbs work best together in spells.


The Witchy Nook’s carefully curated collection of crystals and spell kits is sourced from all over the world and crafted to optimise your practice. Let us help you elevate your spiritual journey and unlock the power of magical tools today!  Shop our range of crystal kits and spell kits today and start embracing spiritual energy into your life!

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