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Welcome to the world of witchcraft! Our High Witches Hoarder Kit is designed to provide budding witches with the fundamental tools and knowledge to embark on their mystical journey. Whether you're drawn to herbalism, divination, spellcraft, or simply seeking a deeper connection with nature, this carefully curated collection of witchy basics has everything you need to begin your exploration of the craft.

Inside this Kit, you'll find an assortment of essential items, including versatile herbs, candles for ritual use, a beginner's guide to witchcraft, crystals for energy work, and more. Each item has been thoughtfully selected to empower and inspire you as you take your first steps into the enchanting world of witchcraft.

Embrace the magic within and let this kit be your guide as you awaken your inner witch and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth.


10x Spell Candles

8x Herb Bottles (Chosen Intuitively)

4x Resin varieties (Chosen Intuitively)

4x Incense varieties (Chosen Intuitively)

1x Incense Holder

1x Tongs

10x Charcoal Disks

1x Cauldron (Subject to vary to photo based on current stock available)

1x Spoon

1x Palo Santo Stick

1x Sage Stick

1x Bay Leaf Packet

1x Alter Bell (Subject to vary to photo based on current stock available)

1x Alter Cloth

1x Basic Witches Book

1x Oracle/Tarot Deck (Chosen Intuitively)

1x Besson (Chosen Intuitively)

High Witches Hoard

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