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Always wanted to try doing your own spells? Not sure where to start or what you need?


I have you covered with this collection of Spell Kits! Each kit comes with all the ingredients needed to perform your chosen spell.


I created these kits with the beginner Witch in mind by creating something i wished i had access to when i first started. Sometimes, it's best to start with basics and get a feel for the craft so you can see what you like or dont like.


These kits come with an ingredient list of what is required for each spell along with a basic spell guide. You can use these to start your collection, then add and grow it with our wide range of accessories.


We have a full herb collection available as well as a wide range of spell candle colours and crystal tumbles and chips!


Want to start your journey? Why not start here? 🌱🌻


This kit includes:

- Palo Santo

- Black Spell Candle

- Rosemary

- Lavender

- Tourmaline

- Salt

- Basic Spell Guide

- Ingredients List

Protection Spell Kit

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