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Buy Raw Crystals Australia

Shop our range of raw crystals! Raw crystals are perfect for those who want to experience the full power of crystals.

Manifest, Heal & Protect

Raw crystals are unprocessed and unpolished, which means they retain all of their natural power and energy. When you work with raw crystals, you can be sure that you are getting the full benefits of the crystal's energies.


At The Witchy Nook, we have a wide range of raw crystals for sale, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you're looking for crystals to help with manifesting, healing or protection, we have something for everyone.


Here are some of the most popular ways to work with these powerful stones:


  • Healing: Raw crystals can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Place them on the area of the body that needs healing, or carry them with you throughout the day.

  • Protection: Raw crystals make excellent protection stones. Carry them with you, or place them around your home to create a protective barrier.

  • Manifesting: Raw crystals are perfect for manifesting your deepest desires. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and focus on your intention. Alternatively, you can place the crystal on your altar or vision board.

  • Meditation: Use raw crystals in meditation to connect with their powerful energies. Hold the crystal in your hand and focus on your breath. As you meditate, allow the crystal's energy to flow through you.


If you're new to working with raw crystals, we recommend starting with just one or two stones. Once you get used to their energies, you can start incorporating more into your life. Take a look at our range of raw crystals below and get started on your crystal journey today!

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